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EarthMoving Specialist In Geelong WISDOM is a priceless commodity and the ‘getting of it’ is only achieved through a journey confronted by years of frontline experience. It comes with the accumulation of problems faced and the knowledge gained by finding solutions through instinct, initiative and the ability to learn everything there is to know about failure and success.
It’s that ‘hands-on, know-how’ accrued over time which is vital to every industry.

The construction sector in Australia has its fair share of expertise and we are blessed with a range of large and dynamic companies capable of building anything, anywhere on the world stage. Equally, there are many smaller companies that stand alone or continue to play their part in that amazing success story and one of them is a company called DirectBor. In 1977 Paul Finch used his initiative to start his own backyard business in Geelong, Victoria. Initially he specialized in drilling clay before graduating to rock drilling and underground boring and like any new venture, despite everything he knew, he soon learnt that establishing a new business has its own set of unique demands. But Paul was prepared to do the hard yards and learn by his early mistakes.

But as we know, reputations are earned and then recognized through word of mouth and it wasn’t long before word had spread and DirectBor could stand alone. Soon, the trickle of jobs became a flow and the journey had begun. Business flourished and such rapid growth forced DirectBor out of the backyard and into bigger premises in Leopold. Since those earliest of days, Paul Finch hasn’t looked back and he’s been applying his unique earthmoving and drilling talents ever since. Of course the company has grown and it must be a source of pride to Paul Finch that his sons, Aaron, James and Mark now stand shoulder to shoulder alongside him in the frontline. Daughter Kara has joined the force alongside another six existing and permanent employees.

DirectBor is a specialist company skilled in directional boring for underground conduit and piping installation. The DirectBor team do their job with pinpoint accuracy whether it’s a 300-metre bore, drilling rock or a multi-conduit installation. The success of small business in Australia is critical. Small and medium-size businesses are integral to the ongoing economic welfare of our nation. For the individual, success always starts with a job and so ideally, a small business will ultimately expand, increasing employment opportunities for others along the way.

At a time when many small businesses have been placed under pressure by elements beyond their control, it is heartening to see the remarkable and enduring capacity of DirectBor. Thirty-seven years ago Paul Finch made a decision to put his family’s economic stability and security at risk by establishing a small business. It didn’t happen without the support of his wife Lena and like so many small businesses it’s always been a family affair. The fact that DirectBor has survived the economic turbulence of a generation is to Paul and his family’s great credit.

There is no doubt that the lessons learnt over such a long period will provide an invaluable legacy for his sons. It will be they, who in turn, will continue to ensure that DirectBor survives the next thirty seven years because as we all know; the wisdom of the living years is a priceless commodity and in his line of work, Paul Finch has that in ‘spades’.

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